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ImageI have been seeing Sandy for over 2 years now and although I was hesitant at first and probably a little skeptical as I have suffered with eczema and various food allergies for 50 years, trying various remedies and treatments, I can confidently recommend her services. For the first time in my life I am enjoying eating foods I have never been able to eat and my eczema is 95% gone! In addition, the work she has done with me has helped deal with issues of fear, anxiety and stress in my life. Her technique and treatments are holistic, non-invasive, gentle, collaborative and effective. I am incredibly thankful for the healing she has facilitated and highly recommend her.

~ Miriam R., Ridgeville, Ontario.
retail manager

DSC05476Sandy has worked with me for over two years and has helped me in a variety of ways. She has given me the tools to help me with past emotional issues, helped me reduce lifelong allergies, and has enabled me to put necessary boundaries in my life. I highly recommend Sandy as someone who can help you with your health challenges!

~ Lorna H., New Zealand.
personal care worker

                                                       Image 4     When I was first introduced to Natural Bioenergetics in the spring of 2014 I was contemplating the significant life transition of retirement  from a 34 year career as a physiotherapist. At this point in my life I was experiencing a lack of mental focus leading to poor productivity and a feeling of lack of energy. I knew this was not a good way to face a major life transition.

 I found sessions with Sandy particularly helpful for my mental focus and attitude.  As she partnered with me I slowly began to understand the connection between my body, mind and spirit. I was surprised as a physiotherapist to learn that there were new movements and energy-toning exercises that adjusted my energy during different circumstances. A self discovered affirmation allowed me to develop better mental focus. I really appreciate that Sandy is always available to answer questions between sessions and is continuing to increase her skills and knowledge through ongoing learning.

~ Ginny P., Dundas, Ontario.


Seeing Sandy for a Skype session was a powerful help in dealing with health issues and those all-too-limiting, powerful thought patterns.

Her genuine care and supportive spirit, combined with effective techniques made a noticeable difference in my day-to-day reality.  It was not just a feel-good session, but a freeing experience that persisted.  I really appreciate Sandy’s thoughtfulness in understanding the spiritual aspect to wellness and integrating that with the emotions, energy and physical body.  She’s the total package!

~ Carol Joy G., Prince George, B.C.

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