About Me


Certified Health Kinesiologist/Natural Bioenergetics Practitioner

Certified Music Practitioner ’98-present,
Music for Healing and Transition Society, New York.
~I am a life-time musician specialising in piano and celtic harp, providing therapeutic music to the ill, grieving and dying.

Certified Special Education Assistant ’90-’95,
Langara College in Vancouver, B.C.
~I have a particular interest in supporting children’s healthy development and learning.

All my life I have been curious about the natural world.  I’m grateful for parents who encouraged my exploration in the garden and who helped to foster my sense of wonder.  When I was a teenager out at our family cabin, I remember packing my booklet, “Guide to Forest Plants,” on treks into the bush.

I was intrigued by the ways these forest treasures had been used by indigenous people for nutrition and healing. Berries were crushed to make dye and pine needles steeped to make tea and I stored bags of coniferous cones just in case I could use the seeds in muffins!

As a mother of young children I explored the ways I could encourage their healthy development with as little medical intervention as possible.  When our daughter was diagnosed with asthma at 8 years old, we were able to use homoeopathy and vitamin supplements  to support her healing.  We never did have to fill the prescription for asthma meds – which I kept for several months, “just in case.”  When they had fevers, flus and childhood diseases such as chicken pox and even scarlet fever, I was able to employ natural approaches to support their immune systems.  With each subsequent illness or health challenge I felt increasingly confident to employ natural means .  Antibiotics and over-the-counter medicines were only ever used as a last resort – and at that, only a very few times.

There’s nothing like personal experience with illness to propel one into action! 
Allergies with chronic sinus congestion, a nasal polypectomy, hormone imbalances, fatigued adrenals and chronic inflammation have been my personal health challenges in the past. I sure didn’t welcome these visitors into my life, however they gave me the opportunity to “practice on myself” the very things I had been in such earnest to practice on our children.  When I began HK studies  and practice, I never knew I could feel so well!

I continue to be curious about how our bodies are put together and to be amazed at the discoveries – both ancient and new – of how we can support healing. I am committed to ongoing learning in order to better serve my clients.

“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”    Hippocrates, 460-377 BC

sandra@vitalenergybalance.ca or 905-746-7278